List of Regulated Financial Entities in Cambodia

Finance and Banking / Sunday, December 9th, 2018

So far, there are six regulated financial entities in Cambodia. They are Commercial Banks, Specialized Banks, Microfinance Institutions, Microfinance Deposit Taking Institutions, Representative Offices, and Leasing Companies. (source: National Bank of Cambodia)

List of all regulated financial entities in Cambodia.

1. Commercial Banks

Commercial banks refer to an institution which provides services such as loans, deposits to either individual and business sector. To my knowledge, the most competitive commercial banks in Cambodia for now are ACLEDA Bank and ABA Bank. Yet, other banks are also starting to be so active. Visit here a full list of Commercial Banks in Cambodia.

2. Specialized Banks

Specialized Banks refer to the banks that specialized in certain economic sector such as agricultural bank, real estate bank, and industrial bank. Due to my knowledge, the most active specialized banks in Cambodia are Wing Specialized Bank and Aeon Specialized Bank. Yet, there many specialized banks in Cambodia. You can find full list of specialized banks for more info.

3. Microfinance Institutions or MFIs

– refer to an institution that offers financial services to low income people. In short, they provide small loans low income people who are not favored by the bank. Here is the list of MFIs in Cambodia.

4. Microfinance Deposit Taking Institutions

Microfinance Deposit Taking Institutions (MDIs) is just like an MFIs which provide financial services for poor and low-income customers. But, MFIs usually don’t accept the deposit, while MDIs do. MDIs in Cambodia are such as AMK, AMRET, HATTHA KAKSEKAR and more.

5. Representative Offices

Representative Office or Bank Representative Office – some international banks are not fully operated here in Cambodia. So, they registered as representative offices. You can find the list of representative offices of the international banks in Cambodia for more knowledge.

6. Leasing Companies

Leasing Companies or sometimes called financial leasing companies. They engage in financing the tangible asset purchase. Usually, they are the legal owner of the goods but then effectively transferred to the lessee, who is incurs all the costs, benefits and the risks associated with the asset ownership. Find the list of leasing companies in Cambodia here.

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